Will PedaMAX work with a Supercharged GM Truck?

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      JMS Chip

      I have a 2011 silverado 5.3 that has a magnuson supercharger. The cam and heads have been enhanced as well. I notice pedal lag upon acceleration but more noticeable is the time lag on deceleration. Have you found that the PedalMax will help solve this annoying delay as well? Your thoughts and ideas are welcome. Another thing. I have a custom ECU tune because of the engine performance additions. The PedalMax wont change these settings will it?
      Thanks guys.

      Yes, PedalMAX will WORK and it help with pedal delay.
      PedalMAX works on all ECU’s, stock or programmed with a custom tune.

      This is the part number that we recommend for your truck:

      This part number includes a control knob so you can adjust your amount of PEDAL Lag Reduction.

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