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      Just completed the installation of a BoostMAX on my new 2017 Ford Edge SE 2.0L ecoboost! The Edge has just over 400 miles on it and I have already installed a boost gauge, RX oil separator (catch can) and a trailer hitch to tow my jetski. I have put 40 miles on the Edge since installing the BoostMAX and my assessment is “AWESOME!!!”. I have run all 4 settings and the Edge runs like a beast when you get in to the throttle. Much smoother performance and instant acceleration. The boost comes in hard close to 1000 RPM sooner and runs 6# more boost than in stock mode … In stock mode I could hit 19# of boost, in position 100 I get 25# of boost! I have not taken the Edge to a dyno yet, but I am sure it performs just like this BoostMAX setup on a 2014 Fusion 2.0 ecoboost (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kUyueSwkRcU). Before the BoostMAX, in stock mode I could push the pedal to the floor and accelerate like my 2013 Edge did with the 3.5L V6. Now, it breaks the tires free and pushes you back in the seat as the boost kicks in. About 3 hours to install and an hour of that was figuring how to get through the firewall. Clean factory like install. All quality connectors and wiring. Thank you JMS for a superior product.

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