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      Benoit Delisle

      He guy , got Boostmax for my 2016 Escape , work awesome for some weeks , and trow Map code and go in Limp mode , mainly it happen at cold start , start vehicle and Bam , check engine and engine out of buisness , no power , missfire and wont have any power … clear code , good for 2-3 week .. not bad during a weeke d but at 5am going to work , im pissed.. And if my Wife go somewhere with kids without me I dont want her to get stuck in any dangerous situation.

      So I took it out telling myself , I will sell it and that sit …. but soon as I drive it back without boostmax , my wife told me ” what wrong with the car… turbo broken ?? ” … loool

      Now there Iam ,I want that think back, any one with any clue ? MAP connection are good , nothing wrong . I gas prenium 94 in Canada, Edmonton . Got proper Spark Plugs … dont know where to go from now

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