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    SBC Global is a webmail administration of SBC Communications which has now become the auxiliary of AT&T. right now will talk about the highlights of Sbcglobal email and email settings and sign-in process.
    Sbcglobal Email Settings
    The email settings for example Sbcglobal IMAP settings permits clients to associate their email from versatile and work area email customers. You can arrange Sbcglobal email settings like this:

    Sbcglobal IMAP Settings
    Follow below settings for Sbcglobal IMAP Settings

    Name —
    Port number — 995 or 993
    Server — SSL/TLS
    Username — username
    Password — Password SMTP settings
    Follow below settings for SMTP settings

    Name —
    Port number — 465 or 587
    Server — SSL/TLS
    Username — username
    Password — Password

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