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    I just installed this boost a pump on my Chevrolet Camaro ZL1. I bought the unit specifically for GM and it is the plug and play unit (attaches to the gas pedal for activation.) Can you tell me if the green LED should be on solid all the time or ONLY when the key is on? I just installed mine and the LED is solid green even when the car is off with the key OUT of the ignition. Just wondering if this is normal operation for the GM unit or not…

    The manual says the LED should only be on if the key is on, but that is not the operation I am seeing.

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    Never mind, I got my answer from JMS themselves…

    “The green light on a gm unit is going to be on all the time, the unit is specially programmed for gm due to the fact that the gm cars have power to the fuel pump controller at all times.”

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